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  • need relief from symptoms
  • don't want to talk
  • want to see improvement fast
30 min
45 min
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  • want to get to the source of your issues
  • feel overwhelmed
  • are doubting yourself or your decisions
60 min
90 min
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  • want fast and lasting change
  • want to tackle root cause + symptoms
  • are prioritizing overall mental health
90 min
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Who we serve

Life Anxiety

Life (and the news!) presents lots of reasons to feel anxious. And that anxiety presents in many different ways: rumination, self-criticism, negative body image, feeling stuck, playing small. We’ll support you to map out and navigate your unique path so you can feel confident, connected, and excited by life.

 Dating & Relationships

Wouldn't it be so nice if there were a recipe for that relationship you've been longing for? It turns out there is! We work with clients who are looking to get in a relationship or are already in one to unpack their own hang-ups and fears. We'll teach you the recipe for building a relationship that feels satisfying, fun, and connected.


There’s no single path to success, and it can be a scary thing to set your sights on a dream and go after it. But what we do know is that true success means aligning your external world to one that feels good internally. We support ambitious professionals and entrepreneurs line themselves up emotionally for success... and enjoy the ride!

Early Parenthood

Parenthood is intense: intensely wonderful, and intensely scary. We support new parents who just need to vent, who want to offer their children something better than what they experienced growing up, who are struggling with the transition, or who are trying to figure out the balance of parenting, partnering, and being an individual.

Located in the Roncesvalles neighbourhood, we offer in-person and online professional mental wellness services.
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My overall emotional and mental state improved a lot after the first time I tried neurofeedback. After several sessions, I started to notice I was able to stay calm during pressing moments that otherwise would trigger some level of anxiety."
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Learn about the mental health technology of the future.

How to Date

"Love is a virus; it can happen to anyone at any time" - Dr. Maya Angelou

Parenting in Changing Times

how to make parenting easier, with a child & family therapist

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