How Neurofeedback has helped our clients



Environmental Consultant
Nick Weissflog has done many different jobs from construction to serving tables at a retirement home, but is currently a part time research assistant to an environmental consultant. He enjoys his friendships, meditation, board games, and being outside. He has been dedicated to his recovery from severe mental health challenges, and used neurofeedback as part of his recovery plan.

"I started neurofeedback because I wasn’t finding much effective in aiding recovery from psychosis and accompanying suicidal thoughts. Neurofeedback itself sometimes provided some relief from the relentless negative emotions and suicidal thoughts as well as the psychotic thoughts and beliefs. I have made a largely thorough recovery, though I have much much more work to do in generating positive and wholesome emotions, thoughts and actions. Neurofeedback did help along the way by providing a reprieve from the torrent of negativity and by connecting me to a therapist with whom I have a valuable relationship, I would recommend it when combined with some form of talk therapy if you are experiencing more serious mental health challenges (as well as appropriate psychiatric support), otherwise it can be an excellent form of intentionally relaxing your mind to relieve stress and anxiety."



Kate D. is a hands-on philanthropist who focuses her time and energy on supporting children at risk in the impoverished community of Cite Soleil, Haiti, where political unrest and a shattered infrastructure have left the country adrift. Community leaders have given Kate carte blanche at a school and space for a daycare; her association with two Port au Prince farms provides the children with basic agricultural training.

"Few, if any, make it through life unscathed by trauma, be it physical or emotional. Some childhoods set us up to carry a heavy load. I ran away from home at the age of 15, and feel compelled to help others who suffer as I did. Deep-seated trauma needs deep and gentle management. Bryn recognizes this; her background, training and character are the mix that moved me into a new phase of healing. Working with neurofeedback allowed me to feel clarity, strength and joy. I went from feeling overwhelmed by the situation in Haiti to being able to carry on with my purpose of supporting those kids."



Ph.D, Psychotherapist
Michael Hryniuk, Ph.D, is a theologian, consultant, chaplain and psychotherapist. He currently serves as the Spiritual Care Supervisor for the Catholic Children’s Aid Society of Hamilton and is a clinical associate of the Institute of Family Living in Toronto, Ontario.

"My experience of neurofeedback has served as a valuable adjunct to my meditation practice and significantly enhanced my experience of mindfulness, self-awareness and heightened sensory awareness. It has also strengthened my sense of focus, inner stability and a unique sense of what I can only describe as mental and emotional “self-coherence.” As a psychotherapist, I find these qualities of mindfulness have added greatly to my capacities for empathy, compassion and inter-subjective presence in my clinical work. They have also been a profound help to me in ongoing self-care, wellness and resilience. I highly recommend neurofeedback as a resource to all professional care-givers and health professionals."



Marketing Communications Professional
Sandra Castillo is a newcomer to Canada and a marketing communications professional who works mostly with startup companies. She combines meditation and yoga practices to stay grounded and focused in the everyday challenges of a startup environment.

"I started using neurofeedback training during a challenging and hectic time of my life. My stress levels were high. I felt overstretched and foggy, and I was having difficulties controlling my emotions.

My overall emotional and mental state improved a lot after the first time I tried neurofeedback. After several sessions, I started to notice I was able to stay calm during pressing moments that otherwise would trigger some level of anxiety. Those 30 minutes of peace and deep meditation helped me clean the mind fogginess, improve my focus and gave me back the capacity to reorganize my priorities and emotions. I’m looking forward to continuing my practice and would encourage anyone to try it too!"



Intern Architect, Expectant Mother
Keturah Breckon is an intern architect who is preparing for the arrival of her first child with her husband. She started neurofeedback when she felt a significant increase in her daily stress levels due largely in part to pregnancy, but especially pregnancy during COVID-19 and the rapidly changing medical and social regulations.

"The neurofeedback sessions offer an effortless form of meditation that instantly put my mind and body at ease. During sessions my deep breathing was involuntarily activated, a stress-release tool that has since turned into a habit throughout the rest of the day. After a number of sessions, the overwhelming stress I felt throughout the day was replaced with a grounded sense of centre and calm. I highly recommend neurofeedback as a resource for stress management and am thankful to Bryn for her suggestion, encouragement and positivity."

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